At Potter's Touch High School there is a thorough blend of the Nigerian and British curricula. The curriculum blending requires rigorous class schedules and the students have intensive classes during the day, coupled with mandatory prep time in the afternoon and evening. Our students become engaged in living their very own global education. Beyond exceptional results in traditional academic preparation for university, our students define excellence in responsible global citizenship.

The academic program at Potter's Touch High School provides students with a well-rounded Conservative view of the world. Potters Touch’s purpose is to graduate students with academic competence, who know, serve and love their neighbor and country.

All courses are taught by well trained individuals who bring their devotion and insight into the classroom.

All courses meet the very best educational standards, and are taught in a manner that prepares students for future academic challenge without jeopardizing the importance of a balanced world and life view.

The following elements define the Potter's Touch educational model:
•Collaborative teacher/learner environment
•Research and project-based learning
•Global awareness and exposure
•Outstanding course and instruction
•Supplemental educational assistance for learning challenges
•Technology proficiency emphasis
•Missions/service oriented

Numerically, we expect a 100% graduation rate and that all of our students are well prepared to matriculate to post-secondary education. We expect to lead all Niger Delta schools in academic focus, rigor and results.